Laura Coman, UI & UX Design


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Toscana, Monticchiello (black liner and watercolors)

            Monticchiello            Monticchiello


Upstairs (oil on canvas)


Summer day (oil on canvas)

Summer day


"Iata, vin colindatori" (creyon, black liner and gouache tempera on Moleskine)  

Iata vin colindatori


"New mouse in town" (creyon, black liner and watercolors on Moleskine

New mouse in town


"Candy land" (black + color liners and marker pens on Moleskine)

Candy land

Croatian building (black liner and watercolors, A4 - drawing after a photography by Dan Tautan)

Croatian buildings


Black liner and watercolors on Moleskine

Santa and Rudolf


Autumn in Mogos, Romania (black liner and watercolors on Moleskine)



Butterfly (oil on canvas)



Chillon Castle, Montreaux, Switzerland (oil on canvas)

Chillon Castle, Montreaux, Switzerland


Summer in Ciucea, Romania



Flower field (oil on canvas)

Flower field


Autumn in the Rodnei mountains, Romania (oil on canvas)

Autumn in Rodnei mountains


Spring in Tirimia, Romania (oil on canvas)



Winter in Gilau mountains, near Marisel (oil on canvas)