Laura Coman, UI & UX Design

About me

Laura Coman portrait I’m Laura, an independent UI & UX Designer living in the heart of Transilvania (yes, the home of the mythical figure Dracula) with my husband and our 2 bikes.

I love traditions, photography, hiking into the mountains, biking and of course, good design.

Design career

Early signs of a potential design career date back in time when I was 2 years old, when I started drawing flowers on the interior walls of my house, to my mothers’s both happiness and horror :-)

Later, I graduated Graphic Design at the Visual Arts Academy in Cluj-Napoca, and started working as a graphic designer for two small local design agencies between 2006 and 2011.

Then I decided to take my chances as an independent designer, because I needed the freedom to express my creativity and second, to be my own boss, which soon I realized was both hard and great.

My vision and style

For me, a design has to be beautiful, but also clean and smart and of course, useful. It has to capture and speak the essence of client’s products and services to the customers, and stand the test of time.


I am focused on Mobile UI & UX design and I can also handle Logo design, Print and Illustrations as part of UX projects.

I work with inland clients as well as abroad (France, United Kingdom, USA, etc).